After deploying my 5th project of my OpenClassrooms Front End Developer Diploma today, I noticed that Images not displaying in GitHub Pages as it is locally.

Here’s what I found:

GitHub Pages is case-sensitive

Locally, it doesn’t matter. But if you are deploying your app on GitHub Pages, you have to double-check the sensitivity of the images’ name. Keep in mind;

  • myImage.jpg isn’t the same as myImage.JPG
  • Moreover, myImage.jpg isn’t the same as myimage.jpg

I kept all the images lowercase, and I used .toLowerCase() method in my JS File while importing images dynamically to avoid any case-sensitive problem.

Wrong PATH/URL of the image

Here’s my WRONG code: = `#ffffff url(../img/time.jpg) center`

I was shaking my head to know what’s wrong with it, and I noticed that after deploying this to GitHub Pages, and trying to access the image URL:

Element Background Image

It redirects me to this 404 Not Found page:

Wrong Image URL on GitHub Pages

That ../ forced GitHub Pages to search for the image on a different path (i.e. One-level backward). In order to solve it, I changed the ../ to ./ and it worked!

It worked!

Curious about that Quote-Generator project? Give it a look, it’s open-source. So, feel free to contribute, it’s ideal for beginners-intermediates Front End Developers who wants to practice on HTML/CSS/Vanilla JavaScript without any JS Frameworks!