You have started many things before, but how many times did you finish what you have started?

For the last few years, I started to watch Online Courses to become a Web Developer. It wasn’t easy at the beginning, especially that I was VERY bad at English. So, it was even harder for me to continue this journey and I understood what procrastination really means. Every day I was holding back myself from stop learning English, and Web Development as a whole. But I overcome this feeling, and today I am going to share my personal keys that helped me to finish what I start

Honestly, I didn’t read about those 3 keys on a blog post or even in a book, I understood them by quitting and redirecting myself to stay on track. I found that those 3 keys are working like a charm for me. That’s why I am here to share them with you!

1) Write a list of your reasons to start

I know writing is boring for many people, but you should write this list before start watching your next Online Course, New Project, Fitness Goal, or even your journey to land a job!

What I mean here, is to write your PERSONAL reasons, not your community reasons or just repeat others’ reasons. You have to feel your reasons because it’s yours, and stay proud of them so that you can share them with everybody – as I did below!

To give you a hint; I have just started my journey as an Open Source Contributor @ Mozilla a few weeks ago, before starting this, I listed my reasons, and here are the first two:

  • To share what I have learned with Developers all over the globe, without marketing efforts!
  • This would allow me to dig deeper into the details of the Web Standards, and improve my skills as a Web Developer

Don’t list repetitive reasons like People are recommending this or My colleague did this or It is a great opportunity for me and the list goes on. List your personal reasons and explain it in a few words to remember it easily, write something that you can feel.

2) Repeat, Repeat, Repeat…

I can’t stress this point anymore. But think of it this way; When you start something and you want to finish it, you should make it EVERYDAY, no excuses. All I am asking you to do is to keep it a Daily Routine, even if you are going to do it for 30 minutes only. Just stick with it on a daily basis. MAKE IT A HABIT!

Doing something daily allowed me to become – insanely – good at it. In the beginning, you feel dumb and after a few days/weeks/months depending on what you are doing, you would be impressed by the significant change in your life. This key has a secret power, I don’t realize it yet. But, I feel its magic whenever I repeat it.

If you still remembered when I said that “I was VERY bad at English. So, it was even harder for me to continue this journey”. Now, I am writing an article in English to share my insights with you. That’s the magic of keep doing the same thing over and over and over again!

3) The best feeling ever!

When you finish what you have started, even if it was a simple task, you will feel successful. That feeling of accomplishing something is priceless. I can’t explain this feeling in words, but I am sure that if you tried it once, you would do whatever it takes to accomplish other things to feel it again. I believe that’s why Successful People are achieving more than others!


When you start something, it is going to be hard to finish it, and you will get stuck sooner or later. This article is to help you stay on track as possible as you can, and even if you got stuck, it might help you back again. In the end, you will thank yourself for every moment you felt down, but you were persistent and pushed yourself harder to stay on track.

Let me end this article with a quote from Grant Cardone – One of my mentors:

Pay the price today so you can pay any price in the future!

Thank you! 💖

P.S: I am new to writing, your feedback will dramatically improve my writing skills. So, I can write better articles for you!

This article was originally published on my LinkedIn on April 17, 2018