Many Facebook users replace their boring Page ID / Profile ID / Group ID with a unique, cool, and short username (Like me, But – at some point – you will need your FB ID, and you will squeeze your head on how to get it. The bad news is, you won’t get it because it requires some “Manual” work to do so!

That’s why I built this FREE FB ID Finder ⭐

How to Find Facebook ID by Username?

It has never been easier, just do the following:

  • Copy your Facebook Profile URL / Page URL / Group URL
  • Go to
  • Paste your URL here

Paste URL - - Find Facebook Page ID

  • Click on “Get ID”
  • Congratulations, you got your Facebook ID 🎉 Click on the ID (Or the “Copy” button) to copy it for you!

Get Facebook Page ID / Profile ID / Group ID by username

That was Will Smith’s Facebook Page ID! 👆

Why I built this FB ID tool?

I faced the problem myself. I never thought of my FB ID, until I used something called, and in order to write a new blog, I had to get my Numeric Facebook Profile ID to fetch my Profile Picture, which I don’t have and don’t even know how to get it. After reading a few articles, I found it in a very hard way, especially if you aren’t a geek.

At this point, I thought about creating this FB ID Finder Tool to help other people (especially, non-tech) to find their Facebook ID in a more convenient way, within a few seconds, with a layout similar to Facebook itself!

Why people need it?

You’re right. In the beginning, I told myself that nobody needs such a service, and I was absolutely wrong.

I found out that many developers who are working on Facebook API need it, or even who wanted to fetch some information from Facebook via 3rd-party integration, and many Social Plugins require your Numeric Facebook ID. So, there are people who need it, daily!

How I built it? is a lightweight web app, built with:

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, Vanilla JavaScript
  • Backend: PHP only (No MySQL or any Database)

What do you think?

Nothing is perfect. But I wanted to build a reliable service, so any feedback/suggestion is very welcome. Comment below, or Contact Me!